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Offbeat Meghalaya

Posted by Admin on August, 01, 2023

Nongjrong View Point

Nongjrong View Point is one of the less explored places of Meghalaya where travelers rarely visit. You will certainly be amazed by the spectacular view of the landscape of Nongjrong. It is a sunrise point where during early sunrise the valley of Nongjrong is covered with clouds. The river Umngot flows below the valley and the lush greenery over the mountains make this place a must visit for people traveling to Meghalaya. It is located approximately 30 km away from the sub-district headquarter Mawkynrew and around 60 km away from the district headquarter. From the base of the hilltop at Nongjrong, you can see the clouds like a long stretch of a white sea flowing endlessly over the magnificent green hills and valleys. Nongjrong Valley looks more beautiful when the sun approaches the horizon.
Tourists from all over the world come to see the stunning sunrise view of Nongjrong from its hilltop where the clouds are below the hilltop and this view makes Nongjrong one of the must visit places in Meghalaya. If you venture till the corner of the hillock to get a closer sight of the clouds, you won’t be disappointed.

Best time to visit Nongjrong is during November till February when the weather is pleasant and cold. During this time you will get the best view of the clouds at the valley.


Picturesque high-altitude meadows sprinkled with small lakes and cottages – that is one way to describe Mawphanlur. It is one of the Meghalaya’s little known secret. The village is also famous as the land of seven lakes. An overnight trip is recommended so you can enjoy the starlit skies and cool temperatures that come with the night time. The biggest visual attraction of Mawphanlur is the verdant scenery that would make a romantic poet gush. Think of chirping birds, the occasional wandering calf with a bell, and friendly canines frolicking on the grass. Your Mawphanlur journey can be an activity-filled trip. Kayaking facilities are available on some of the lakes while there are many large boulders around the place where you can try some of your climbing (and stumbling) skills. If you are a photography fanatic then the landscapes provide a great stage for some natural portraits.

Hikers will enjoy the quiet environs of Mawphanlur – the walk to nearby Mawthadraishan is recommended. On clear days, one can marvel at the endless frontiers from this vantage point. Locals will tell you that on the most unclouded mornings, you can even catch a glimpse of the Eastern Himalayas with the Khasi hills and beyond them, the plains of Assam stretching on the foreground. Mawphanlur is all about losing yourself in the beauty of nature. Just walk up on the hills, sit on the corners of small lakes, walk through the beautiful patches of the trees and immerse yourself in a joy of the lifetime.

Best time to visit – October to April is ideal. With upgraded lodging facilities, Mawphanlur can be termed a year-round destination since many come to see the rain swept landscapes during the monsoons.


The longest sandstone caves in the world are located in the North East region, about 90 km from the pristine town of Shillong. The exact address would lead you to Meghalaya, East Khasi hill district of the village Laitsohum. Krem Puri is also known as the Fairy Cave.

Despite being discovered as the longest sandstone caves in the whole world, Krem Puri is a prime location for discovering ancient fossils for which many cave experts come up here to indulge in excavations and to conduct studies. And with this new discovery, many more are touted to come by and experience the calm beauty of the longest sandstone caves in the world. And its total length is 24,583 meters. Entering through a small, narrow passage, one must crawl inwards. The hurdles to cross are many, including two huge boulders that can be crossed only by stepping over them or squeezing through sideways.

It is best to plan all your visit to Krem Puri in the months of May to September every year. This is because of the pleasant weather that prevails in these months which will add to your sense of adventure.

Krem Mawmluh

Krem Mawmluh Cave,Cherrapunji is the fourth longest cave in the Indian subcontinent. Lt. Yule became the first British subject to explore Krem Mawmluh. The cave runs 7 km in length and is almost 10 feet above sea level. Inside the cave, one can find stalagmite structures and other rock formations that are known for their beauty. Around 4,200 years ago, the cave was used to document a 200-year drought that occurred just following the Ice Age. If you are an adventure seeker, then this landmark is definitely for you! As you step inside the cave, you will be wading through water. Most parts of the cave are extremely slippery, and especially during monsoon, the floor is almost submerged in water. Wading through the knee-deep water, you can feel the rush of adrenaline flowing through your body.

The cave is too deep that contain of passages, calcite formations of various kinds, massive caverns, waist deep pools, few meters of belly crawl and few climbs. Also, only 1/4th of the cave receives the sunlight while the rest of the cave remains shrouded in the darkness. It takes around 3-4 hours to complete both the ways. If you are planning to visit the caves, it is suggested you hire a local guide from the city. It is also advisable to wear a helmet and proper boots as well as carry water inside.

Mawryngkhang Trek

Meghalaya is beyond beautiful. I am not speaking of the towns of Shillong and Cherrapunji. Even with the tourists pouring into these destinations, they are still charming and utterly gorgeous. I am talking about theRural Meghalaya, the places that are not usually visited by the general tourist. That Meghalaya is blessed with an abundance of rain and clouds, waterfalls, meandering rivers and wonderful people.

The Bamboo Trail Meghalaya or Mawryngkhang Trek is the latest addition in the adventure activities in Meghalaya. Located in the Pynursla sub-division, the Khasi village Wahkhen lies on the popular Shillong to Dawki route. Pomlum village lies on this route from where you have to take a detour. At Pomlum, you will see a signboard that will point towards the right direction to take to reach Wahkhen village, about 7 km away. The trail runs along a mountain cliff along the Wahrew River until it reaches the top of a huge single rock, U Mawryngkhang. The huge rock stands tall amidst the river valley surrounded by forests commanding its mighty presence over the surroundings.The bamboo trial Meghalaya is not for the faint hearted.

The Mawryngkhang Trek was opened to the public in 2016. The entire project was the effort and hard work of the villagers of Wahkhen. The entire bamboo trail has been constructed by the villagers without taking the help of the Government. Without taking any external help, the villagers constructed the multiple bridges made of bamboo and wooden ladders. These bridges were tied by cane ropes and only very few nails were used for the construction.

This trek can be completed from Wahkhen to Mawryngkhang and back within just three to four hours. Of course, the time taken will also depend upon your physical fitness and the number of breaks you wish to take.

The trek is not difficult at all. It is all about balancing your feet on the bamboo trail which is quite strongly built. Although if you are afraid of heights then you should not opt for this trek. There is a part that runs for about 10 minutes right at the edge of the cliff, due to which this trek is considered the scariest trek of Meghalaya.

David Scott Trek

One of the oldest trial of Meghalaya,David Scott Trek is an advanture filled ride through history.It is a part of a 100 kilometre trade route constructed during the British administration n India.Passing through the Eastern Khasi Hills,this trek spans a distance of 16 kilometres winding through mountains,valleys,forest and rivers.Dating back to the drawn of British colonialism in India it is one the rare preserved beauties of Meghalaya.

At an altitude of 4,892 ft, David Scott trek passes through deep valleys with River Umiam flowing alongside. The trail stretches between two famous Khasi villages of Mawphlang and Lad Mawphlang.

The hike itself will bring you close to one of the most revered indigenous landmarks of the Khasis – the Sacred Grove of Mawphlang. This primaeval forest is believed to be more than 800 years old, its ancientness juxtaposed with the pine groves and grassy meadows that dominate the rest of the landscape. Apart from its undisturbed natural beauty, it is also the place where many rites of the erstwhile Khasi royals were practised.

The beauty of the trek lies in the fact that it can be done by people of all ages simply as a wonderful nature hike. Even beginners, children & old aged people can do David Scott trek flexibly on a shorter route. Untouched by urbanisation, David Scott trek makes for a wonderful hike for all nature lovers.

Shilliang Jashar

Shiliang Jashar is roughly at driving distance of 30 mins drive.(14.5 km.) . Shiliang Jashar is small village of approx. population of 1000 people.& approx. 150 houses. Its very interesting to observe local life here. While in Village, if one can manage to reach highest point in village from where village view can be see, from same point one also can see Bangladesh plains, as Shiliang Jashar also close to India Bangladesh Border. Further most interesting part of Shiliang Jashar is, its Crystal clear water stream & a beautiful bamboo bridge over it. From the village one has to do approx. 30 to 40 mins of downhill trek to reach to this beautiful crystal clear water stream. Trek route is not that difficult. After 40 mins of downhills trek, one come across beautiful bamboo bridge on wonderful crystal clear water stream, which give feel of very Authentic Beauty of Shiliang Jashar. The Bamboo Bridge is also very interesting to have close look of it. The way these big long bamboos are arched and put across two banks of the water stream. The horizontal arrangement of small bamboos across the widh and laying them all along the length.

One of those I would like to mention here is Pengshohrew Fall. To reach this waterfall, one has to trek for 1.5 hrs from Shiliang Jashar Village. This fall is live mostly all through the year, of course it has much more water in rainy days than in summer. Its a very Beautiful to site the white Foggy water falling between kind of slit formed in Huge Vertical Rocks. And when the Sunlight fall on it, some time we can witness a beautiful rainbow too. On the surface where this water falls creates crystal clear Greenish Blue water pool.

The place is dotted with cascading waterfalls and natural formations that offer an enthralling experience in the lap of nature and to promote the place, the villagers have taken up the initiative under the banner of Shiliang Jashar Eco-Tourism Cooperative Society with Larishisha Khongthohrem as the leader.

Byrdaw Falls, Pomshutia

At a distance of 23 km from Mawlynnong and 70 km from Shillong, Byrdaw Falls is a mesmerizing waterfall situated at Pomshutia village in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya. Located on Shillong - Dawki Road, it is one of the beautiful waterfalls in East Khasi Hills and among the popular places to visit in Mawlynnong.

Byrdaw Falls is a two tiered waterfall cascading down from a height of about 150 m into a pool below. The falls is breathtaking especially during the monsoon season. The falls has a very rare characteristics and its resemble to the cave-like structure where waterfalls is flowing. The people can safely walk from the cliff of the falls towards down the falls. The geographical landscape, the fresh air, the breeze and a distinguished characteristics make the falls unique and unparalleled feature among the rest. Better to take the guide while visiting the falls as it is a remote location.


Looking for a breathtaking natural wonder that will transport you to paradise? Look no further than OD Ringai, Meghalaya’s best-kept secret. With crystal clear waters stretching out as far as the eye can see, you won’t believe your luck when you experience this stunning natural infinity pool.

Od-Ringai (Ghost Falling Falls) which is about 100 meters long and with a beautiful pool at the top of it, was discovered in the district. The waterfall is located at a place under Mawten village, 2 KMs from Mawkyrwat. The discovery of the pool and the waterfall has surprised even the local people of Mawkyrwat but the place is no stranger to anglers from the area especially those from Mawten village. It is a place they frequent but none of them have captured it in their cameras or taken videos.

It takes about 1½ hours trekking from Mawten village to reach the beautiful pool at the top of the Od-Ringai Falls and about 2 hours to reach down to the waterfall. As if the Falls were not enough, another beautiful lake greets the visitors. It is called the Synrang Ringai Lake. From the pool on the top of the waterfall, one can see the green hills of the Riwar Sepngi.
The discovery of the beautiful pool at the top of the Od-Ringai Falls and the presence of other tourist spots including Umngi River on the way to Mawkyrwat, the Hot Springs in Jakrem, Phlangjaud Cave in Rangmaw, Rilang viewpoint in Mawranglang, Synrang Mawrin in Mawten, Tynnai viewpoint in Tynnai village, Krem Mawtynhiang on the Iawpaw Hill in Nongnah village, Monoliths in Mawlangwir and other beautiful places, is bound to propel South West Khasi Hills district into the tourism map of Meghalaya and the world and this will definitely attract tourists both domestics and foreign, the local youth aver.

Hence the message from these youths to the tourists including local, national and foreign is to maintain this beautiful place as a ‘plastic, bottle and other non-biodegradable wastes free zone’ so that its beauty will remain unsullied.

Krem Chympe

Krem Chympe is India’s 5th longest cave located in Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya. It is situated at a walking distance of about 3 km approximately north along the track from the village of Khaddum to Sielkan. It is a magnificent river cave which would require over 3.5 km of swimming over a series of very large and deep lakes, formed by the existence of more than 50 natural dams or gours, 6 to 8 m high. The cave has a very large colony of bats and possibly cave-adapted fish.

As you journey through the lush green forests of Meghalaya, one couldn't wait to explore the hidden secrets of Krem Chympe. The trek to the cave itself was a picturesque experience, walking along the track from the village of Khaddum to Sielkan, passing through local villages and soaking up the scenic beauty of the countryside.

Upon reaching Krem Chympe, you will be awestruck by the sheer magnitude of the cave entrance. As you descend deeper into the cave, the air grew cool, and the sound of dripping water echoed through the chambers. The darkness was all-encompassing, and one could feel the weight of the earth above them.

You will be struck by the unique and stunning rock formations adorning the cave walls. The stalactites and stalagmites looked like frozen waterfalls, glittering in the light of my torch. The colors were a natural wonder, ranging from dark earthy tones to shimmering golds and whites.

Krem Chympe is also a sanctuary for various species of flora and fauna, including bats, spiders, and crickets. The eerie silence of the cave was occasionally broken by the chirping of insects and the fluttering of bat wings.

Wah Rilang View Point

Wah Rilang view point also called the green desert as the hills surrounding the river looks like sand dunes covered with green forest. 5km from Mawkyrwat at Mawranglang is a beautiful valley on the Nongstoin - Mawkyrwat road meandering across the river. It is convenient picnic and angling spot. The view point is just relaxing and with the fresh air around. Wah Rilang is a small village in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, India. The town is known for its scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage.

One should stop at the view point while traveling to Mawkyrwat. This romantic view of the nature can give anyone the sense of awe and wonder. Wah Rilang River gets merged with Um Rilang and later connects with Kynshi River and enters Bangladesh.

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